What is a Slimpod?

Simple: It’s a voice recording which uses hypnotic language to change the way your mind feels about food and exercise.
Used correctly, a Slimpod can help you achieve permanent weight loss without the need to diet or make conscious efforts to count calories and watch what you eat.

Slimpods feature the voice of the world’s leading expert in cognitive hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester, who works out of Harley Street, London, the renowned centre of Britain’s medical profession. Cognitive hypnotherapy is nothing like the hypnotism you may have seen on TV or the stage: there’s no sleep-like trance, no swinging pendulums, no funny voices or weird music.

It’s also very different from the Paul McKenna technique – there’s no strange face tapping, for instance.

Trevor is like a close friend with the remarkable ability to influence how you


feel about yourself, your attitude to food and how you take care of your body. You’ll find that losing weight is an easy and natural process.

At first you listen to the Slimpod for 10 minutes a day for 21 days in a row while it begins to work with your mind and cause the weight loss changes you’ll soon be noticing in your body. A lot of people listen in bed and fall asleep  – which is good, as the ears never


Then you keep listening to your Slimpod for as often and as long as it takes until you are confident of achieving your weight loss goal. How long this takes depends on how much weight you want to lose. Some people keep listening every night while others find that “topping up” twice a week is enough – everyone is different. Just keep on going until you hit your slimming goal.


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How it works...and why diets don’t!

WANT to know the real problem with Slimpods? They sound too good to be true. Dieters have become conditioned over the years into thinking that losing weight is tough. You know the saying: No pain, no gain. Everyone’s been brainwashed into thinking that dieting is the only way to lose weight – and the crazy thing is, they continue to think that way even though they know deep down inside that diets don’t work.


It’s amazing isn’t it how many folks keep on doing diets even though they know they will fail. Fail not just once but again and again. It’s an endless succession of diet, fail, diet, fail, diet, fail. That’s why dieters who fail feel so miserable, why their self-esteem goes out with the garbage.


Once you’ve been brainwashed into continuing to do diets that fail, it’s almost impossible to believe that something as easy and inexpensive as Lose Weight America's Thinking Slimmer method could possibly work, isn’t it? That’s a shame, because the folks who are doing it are achieving amazing results. Give it a try – you’ve got nothing to lose except those excess pounds you’re carrying around all da

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